SMEs: A Critical Asset in eLearning Development


E-learning is quickly replacing traditional classroom instruction as the method of choice for education and training in a variety of fields in today’s fast-paced, digitally-driven world. eLearning is being used by businesses, educational institutions, and even government organisations to facilitate the distribution of knowledge in a manner that is both efficient and adaptable.

Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), play an essential part in this ecosystem and are the essential component of any eLearning development project that is completed successfully. But what precisely is a subject matter expert, and how does the experience of these individuals contribute to the success of eLearning?

What Are Subject Matter Experts?

Subject Matter Experts, often known as SMEs, are people who have extensive knowledge and experience in a certain industry, subject, or technology. They are equipped with the necessary technical abilities as well as the conceptual understanding to instruct others on particular subjects or activities.

The Value of a Subject Matter Expert in eLearning

The information and expertise held by SMEs might be compared to a treasure trove. Their unique perspectives can contribute to the development of an authentic, efficient, and interesting eLearning experience. Let’s take a closer look at the tremendous contributions that SMEs have made to the development of eLearning.

Deep Understanding of the Subject

The profound and frequently unrivaled grasp of a specific topic or domain is the fundamental definition of a subject matter expert (SME). This specialised knowledge has the potential to offer breadth and authenticity to the eLearning course, hence increasing the value that it provides to the learners who attend it.

Real-World Experience

SMEs bring their extensive real-world experience to the table, which enables them to contribute relevant examples, case studies, and narratives. The learning experience is improved as a result of the fact that students are better able to comprehend the relevance of the information.


Courses that were created with the assistance of a subject matter expert (SME) are frequently perceived as being more credible and authoritative, which results in higher trust and engagement from the students.

Utilizing SMEs for Successful Learning Outcomes

Collaborate from the Beginning

Include the subject matter expert in the development of the course from the very beginning. They are able to direct the process of instructional design, so ensuring that the material of the course is correct, pertinent, and connected with the learning objectives.

Leverage Their Real-World Experience

Encourage SMEs to provide real-life examples and case studies. This can be helpful in bringing the theoretical concepts to life, which in turn makes the learning process more relatable and engaging for the individuals who are participating in it.

Encourage Peer-to-Peer Learning

Make it possible for subject matter experts to connect directly with students on the platforms provided. This can create an atmosphere conducive to learning from other students, which can improve one’s overall educational experience and lead to a more in-depth comprehension of the material.

Conclusion: Revolutionize Learning with SMEs

Indeed, subject matter experts are an invaluable resource when it comes to the production of eLearning. SMEs have the potential to significantly improve the learning experience by contributing their extensive expertise, relevant experience, and credibility. As a result, the learning will be more genuine, interesting, and productive. Inelso eLearning Solutions is aware of the vital role that SMEs play and is able to assist companies in capitalising on the expertise of SMEs to revolutionise their learning experiences.

The environment of education is always shifting, and as a result, eLearning is increasingly becoming the standard rather than the exception. When organisations bring subject matter experts (SMEs) on board, they can ensure that their eLearning programmes have the greatest potential impact and efficiency.