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We are an innovative eLearning content supplier company.

Our team of specialists at Inelso designs and finds effective and out of the box solutions catering your unique educational needs. We create any type of digital educational content you require and offer you full access to the necessary software.

Our Services

Changing how
we think
about eLearning.

Focused and customized approach based on your needs. Blended or fully digital learning strategy using interactive elements, educational videos, gamification, interesting concepts and many more.


eLearning Content

We create high quality digital content customized to your educational needs, as recognized and targeted in the design phase, so that you can successfully tackle your educational goals, no matter how difficult and unattainable they might seem to be.



We offer consultation, support and integration of LMS and HRIS systems. Integrating an HRIS or LMS centralizes HR and training operations, streamlines processes, and empowers organizations to effectively manage and track employee training progress.

We create outstanding Digital Educational content.

eLearning content is the core of all online courses, so it is crucially important for the content itself to be effective.


Photorealistic or animated videos, screencasts, or interactive, AI generated, talking head, and micro-learning videos.

Simulations & Branching Scenarios

Simulations of real-life scenarios that learners face daily. We create these simulations by combining audio, visuals, character and concept drafting.

Assessment and self-assessment tests

Various user-friendly tests and exercises (multiple choice, gap-fill, matching & sorting activities) accompanied by rich visuals and voiceover narration.

Interactive presentations & games

Including multimedia, voiceover narration, timelines, graphs, games, avatar selection, world building, concepts, FAQs etc.

We provide full support and effective bespoke eLearning solutions to:


Companies & Institutions

By creating appealing content in order to address the unique educational and personal development needs of their staff and management.


Training Centers

By creating or leasing successful and engaging content tailored to the specific needs of your corporate clients, students or the general public.


eLearning and Collaborative Activities can effectively improve your efforts to engage learners.


Use of gaming techniques in an educational framework designed to keep learners keenly focused and interested, as well as motivated and challenged.

Social Learning

Social and collaborative education in an informal manner through communities, blogs, forums and other tools. Learners learn from one another.


Quizzes are generally used to test learners’ knowledge. They also aim at collecting opinions or ideas. Besides, using quizzes is a great way to engage your audience’s attention.

Microlearning Activities

Short-term, targeted educational activities, designed to have a direct benefit for learners.


A scenario is an interactive e-Learning method that requires online learners to choose an approach as a response to the scenario.


The best way to make an eLearning course effective and original is to come up with a storytelling concept that will engage your learners' minds.

Software Simulations

Hands-on demos, such as interactive software simulations, go a long way in providing learners with opportunities to practice skills at their own pace.


Online activities specially designed to require learners to collaborate in order to complete them.

Online Discussions

If you need to build an effective online learning community, an online discussion is a great way to go about it. Online discussions allow learners to learn from each other.

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