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We design and develop premium quality educational content

Supporting online programs for educational centres and private enterprises through innovative e-Learning solutions on a cloud-based computing environment.

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    Expert Design And Quality Content

    We are an innovative company specializing in online education.

    Our team of specialists at Inelso designs and finds solutions for the complete structure and configuration of your online educational programs. We create any type of digital educational content you require and offer you full access to the necessary software.

    E-Learning strategy

    We design and develop
    web based educational programs.

    Focused and gradual approach based on your needs. Blended and fully online learning strategy, live & self-paced learning with integrated tools for e-Learning activities, microlearning etc


    Digital Educational Content

    We create high quality digital content customized to your needs, as specified in the Design Phase, in order to support your online educational programs. We create the content which best serves your educational purposes.


    Web based environment

    We offer consultation on the selection of the appropriate LMS for your needs, or ways in which you can fully take advantage of the features present in whichever LMS you are already using, so that it fits your needs exactly.

    We create outstanding Digital Educational content.

    Digital content is the core of all online courses and educational programs. The subject of the course is presented through content, so it is vitally important for the content itself to be effective.

    Videos & interactive videos

    Talking head, screencast, video lecture, interactive video animation etc. Video is still the dominant force in online learning.

    Simulation and Branching scenarios

    Simulation of dialogues appearing in scenarios with combined use of image, audio and characters.

    Assessment and self-assessment tests

    User-friendly tests and exercises that offer a range of options (gap-fill, matching activities, combination of multimedia, etc.).

    Interactive presentations

    Including multimedia, audio, video-archives, websites, timelines, special card-indexes, frequently asked questions (FAQ's) etc.

    We provide full support and effective bespoke e-Learning solutions to:


    Training Centres

    For the development of online courses for your corporate clients or the general public, and online activities to supplement the classroom.


    Private Enterprises

    For the proper organisation and development of appealing content for internal training and professional development of staff and management.


    E-Learning and Collaborative Activities can effectively improve your efforts to engage learners.

    Social learning Activities

    Social and collaborative education in an informal manner through communities, blogs, forums and other tools. Learners learn from one another.


    Quizzes are generally used to test learners’ knowledge. They also aim at collecting opinions or ideas. Besides, using quizzes is a good way to engage your audience’s attention.

    Online Discussions

    If you need to build an effective online learning community, an online discussion is a great way to go about it. Online discussions allow learners to learn from each other.

    Thought-Provoking Stories

    When stories are meaningful and thought-provoking, they can become the basis of the e-Learning content, by engaging learners with characters and issues that resonate with them.

    Interactive Demos

    Hands-on demos, such as interactive software simulations, go a long way in providing learners with opportunities to practice skills at their own pace.


    Use of gaming techniques in an educational framework designed to keep learners keenly focused and interested, as well as motivated and challenged.

    Microlearning Activities

    Short-term, targeted educational activities, designed to have a direct benefit for learners.


    A scenario is an interactive e-Learning method that requires online learners to choose an approach as a response to the scenario.


    Online activities specially designed to require learners to collaborate in order to complete them.

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