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Hotel Courses

The “Hotel Courses”offers a variety of eLearning courses for the hospitality sector.
These courses, developed using Articulate Storyline and Articulate Rise authoring tools, cover various topics such as:
• Hazard Games,
• Making It Right,
• Map,
• OpEx Training,
• Anti Bribery Corruption,
• Food Allergies,
• Preparing for an Interview, Professional Email Writing, and
• Sanctions Policy.
These courses demonstrate INELSO’s expertise in creating specialized, interactive online training for the hotel industry.

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Healthcare Courses

The “Healthcare Courses”
includes a variety of eLearning courses designed for healthcare professionals.
These courses, created using Articulate Storyline and Articulate Rise, cover a wide range of topics, such as:
• Diabetes & ASCVD Screening, Dementia Awareness, Infection Prevention & Control, Disability Awareness,
• Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative Training,
• Fever, Pain and Treatment, Food Allergies,
• BC Mental Health Act Education and more.
Additionally, there are specific courses designed for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, focusing on Mass Casualty Area, Match Day Countdown, and Treatment Shelters.
This section highlights INELSO’s commitment to providing comprehensive and specialized training in the healthcare field.

Marketing Strategy

Demo Courses

Marketing, Sales, Customer Service, etc.
“Get a Taste of Success: Try Our Marketing & Sales Demos”
Curious about how to boost your marketing strategy, amp up your sales game, or take your customer service to the next level?
Our demo courses offer a sneak peek into this exciting world. Sample bite-sized lessons on cutting-edge marketing techniques, innovative sales strategies, and exceptional customer
service practices.
It’s a glimpse into how we can help transform your professional skills and drive your
business forward.


Demo Videos

Recycling, Marketing, Skills, SEO, etc.
“Explore More with Our Insightful Demos”
Dive into our collection of demo videos, where learning becomes an adventure.
Whether you’re interested in mastering the art of recycling, exploring the depths of digital
marketing, enhancing your skillset, or unraveling the mysteries of SEO, we’ve got you covered.
These short but impactful videos are designed to give you a flavor of our comprehensive
learning resources and inspire you to delve deeper into these crucial topics.



“Step Into Real-World Practice”

Imagine being able to tackle real-life challenges before you even face them. That’s what our Simulations are all about.
They’re like real-world rehearsals, where you can experiment, make decisions, and learn from
mistakes in a completely safe space. Whether you’re mastering a new business strategy or
getting the hang of a complex technical skill, our simulations are the perfect practice ground.
They’re not just about learning; they’re about experiencing and preparing for what’s out
there in the real world.